Our carpets are made by the very best manufacturers, including:

  • Adams Carpets
  • Anchor Carpets
  • Associated Weavers
  • Cavalier Carpets
  • Abingdon Flooring
  • Furlong
  • Penthouse Carpets
  • Victoria Carpets
  • Westlex Carpets
  • John Lanham Watts
  • Goodacer
  • Whitestone Weavers
  • Drury Lane
  • Shaws

Saxony Pile

A shorter pile length than shag pile, the tufts tend to be closer together. Saxony styles are available in several different fibres. The texture is similar to Velvet, but each yarn has a set twist, which minimizes yarn flaring. The heat-set twist improves thickness retention, thereby reducing crushing.

Loop Pile

Level Loop Pile carpet is made with tufted loops of the same height, and can take hard wear. Multi-Level Loop Pile carpet is made with different height loops, creating a sculptured or patterned surface. Cut and Loop textures combine cut-pile and loop-pile yarns and are slightly less durable than multi-level loop carpets.

Velvet Carpet

Velvet or Plush Pile carpets, sometimes called Velour, have all the fibres cut at the same height, with a short pile and smooth top. Velvet Carpets give a very luxurious, sumptuous look; yet will tend to show footprints in high "traffic" areas. Available mainly in tufted and Wilton constructions and in wool or synthetic fibres.

Twist Carpet

One of the most popular styles, it comes in wool and man-made fibres. Variously described as "Hardtwist", "Hightwist" or "Frise" the yarn has been given an extra turn or two and this results in a rougher surface texture, which is less prone to showing footmarks.

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